James Korenchen Public Relations



Editorial Services

  • Press Material Development  
    The development and use of press material is critical to the success of a campaign or individual story pitch. JKPR will develop the appropriate press material needed to communicate your message. This can range from press releases and media alerts to pitch letters and photography to b-roll packages and press kits, depending on the media outlet and story.
  • Byline Articles and Op-eds  
    Byline articles in the industry press are an excellent way to illustrate your expertise by commenting on industry trends or issues. Op-ed stories in newspapers and magazines can attract new customers by showcasing your company’s services while discussing an issue that is important to them. JKPR has a team of experienced editorial writers that will work with you to develop the article. The byline stories and op-ed articles can also be used as reprints and distributed to potential customers.
  • Technical White Papers  
    Technical white papers can provide the foundation for the acceptance of a new technology, solution, or service. JKPR will work with your company to develop technical papers and place them in the industry publications. We also recommend distributing them to industry opinion leaders and key decision makers.
  • Application Stories and Case Histories  
    Application stories regarding how a product or idea is used in a particular industry can help to underscore the benefits of the product and illustrate how its features and capabilities can be applied. Similarly, a case history that discusses how a particular problem had been solved by the use of your product or service can showcase your company’s strength in its industry. JKPR will develop application stories of how your company’s product is being used in specific industries.
  • Editorial Board Meetings  
    Every daily newspaper has an editorial board. It meets on a regular basis to discuss the news and select topics for editorials. An editorial board can also take a stand on a particular issue, urge voters or readers to take action, and/or endorse a candidate on behalf of the newspaper. JKPR will organize editorial board meetings with the daily newspapers as appropriate to gain support from the newspaper on a certain issue or topic.
  • Multi-Media Press Kit Development  
    While the development of press material is critical to the success of a campaign, it is also important to present the press releases and background material to the press in an easy to read package. JKPR will develop an electronic and traditional press kit that will include press materials designed to communicate your company’s key messages to traditional and social media outlets.
    • Press release about the topic
    • Fact sheet
    • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    • Bios of executives
    • Photography, videos and social media assets
    • Additional support material as appropriate

Traditional and Social Media Services

  • Media Relations  
    Once the press material is written and disseminated, one-on-one conversations with each journalist takes place to facilitate an interview or generate a story. JKPR will manage the media relationships and prepare your executives for each interview. We will maintain strong relationships with the journalists and contact them on an on-going basis to generate additional stories and keep the company top-of-mind as a media source.
  • One-on-One Interviews  
    To keep your company in the news, JKPR will generate one-on-one interviews with your spokespeople on a regular basis. This will include interviews with television, newspaper, radio and magazine journalists.
  • Forward Features  
    More than a news story, a feature story focuses on a company, its history and background, and the services it provides. JKPR will pitch feature stories about your company that focus on specific topics such as your unique business model or the success the company has had with a particular issue or client.
  • Media Tours  
    One-on-one meetings with journalists are an excellent way to introduce a new product or idea and/or convey your message with strong personal conviction. Public relations is a business of relationships and it’s important to develop and maintain strong relationships with the key journalists that report on your industry. JKPR can organize a media tour where we would conduct one-on-one meetings between your executives or spokespeople and reporters in a particular market or industry. During the interviews, we will showcase your company’s expertise, discuss specific issues or topics, and demonstrate products that are newsworthy and relevant to the reporter’s beat.
  • Ongoing Announcements  
    It is important to keep your company’s name in the press. JKPR will develop and disseminate information about your company to the local, regional, national, and trade media on an ongoing basis. This will range from new hires, to awards and honors, to new clients.
  • Expert Commentary  
    The news media runs stories on a regular basis and are in constant search for new experts. Your company’s executives should be the “go to” source for any information needed by the media regarding your industry. To become that trusted source, it requires ongoing communication with members of the media so they become aware of your expertise and willingness to provide commentary. JKPR will showcase your company’s expertise and its executives to the press. For example, when a national news story breaks, we will pitch your company as a local expert that can speak to that topic.
  • Daily News Report  
    It is important to keep your executives aware of the news that affects your business from local and national competitors to industry trends and issues. JKPR will research, write and distribute a daily news report from local, national, and industry publications for your executives. The news report will be e-mailed each morning and include the first few paragraphs of relevant news stories and a link to the complete article.
  • Thought Leadership  
    JKPR works closely with editors and reporters so we are their first call for an interview, comment or sound bite. Our clients have become thought leaders in their respective industries sharing their opinions in the news media ranging from network and cable news to local newspapers and trade journals. We will work with your spokesperson to become a sought-after industry expert and communicate his or her perspective on a topic or issue.
  • Blogger Relations and Influencer Engagement  
    With the rise of citizen journalism over the past decade, the blogosphere has become an essential target for all successful media relations campaigns. Believe it or not, some popular blogs have a larger and more influential reach than some mainstream publications. The JKPR team has experience running countless strategic blogger and influencer campaigns that have helped drive positive social conversation and ultimately product trial (and even, in some cases, national media awareness) by leveraging key influencers and their networks. From targeted blogger outreach plans to tactics such as Twitter parties and Facebook-driven user generated campaigns, JKPR can leverage its extensive knowledge in the blogger relationship approach, strategic social outreach planning and social network activation road maps to provide your business with counsel on how to navigate this important space.
  • Social Media  
    Social networks have been around since people started communicating. What makes social media activation important for public relations today is the style, form and immediacy of social networks as a prime communication tool that is essential to reaching consumers in their day-to-day lives. From developing your social voice and conversation calendar to creating an integrated and strategic social marketing road map, JKPR will work with your company to develop a strong social presence whether you are new to the space or just need a fresh perspective.

Media Training Services

  • Q&A(Question and Answer) Media Preparation  
    It is important to be prepared when speaking with the news media. JKPR will develop a question and answer document for use with the media. It is not to be distributed to the press. Rather, it should be used as a guideline during an interview. The Q&A will include suggested answers to questions that the media may ask and key messages to be communicated by your spokesperson.
  • Media Training and Interview Preparation  
    Communicating your company’s messages to the news media can be a challenge, especially with reporters who have their own agenda. JKPR will help your spokespeople prepare for broadcast and print interviews, develop and deliver sound bites, convey key messages, present themselves on-camera, etc. Whether it’s a national media outlet such as The Wall Street Journal or a local newspaper such as the Albuquerque Journal, we will train your executives to speak with reporters. This ranges from live in-studio interviews and taped TV news segments to one-on-one meetings with reporters and answering journalists' questions at press conferences. Remember nothing is “off the record.”
  • Key Message Development  
    Similar to Q&As, key message development is important preparation for any interview. JKPR will work with you to develop your company’s key messages and help your spokesperson deliver them in the context of a print or broadcast interview.

Event Services

  • Press Events and News Conferences  
    A press conference is an excellent venue and communication vehicle to communicate your news to a large amount of media at one event. JKPR will manage the press event from inception to completion, or participate where necessary. Press kits, b-roll packages, and other press and promotional material will be distributed to the media at the event.
  • Speaking Engagements  
    One of the best opportunities for a company to promote its services is through speaking at industry seminars and business/consumer events. JKPR will research appropriate venues for your executives to provide keynote addresses, participate in panel discussions, manage seminars, and more. We will also work with your company to prepare the speakers, write the speeches and develop the presentations. Speaking engagements could include:
    • Trade Shows
    • Expos and Conferences
    • Annual and Monthly Meetings
    • Relevant Industry/Consumer Events
  • Special Events  
    Press conferences are not always suitable or the preferred venue for an announcement. JKPR will work with you to develop the best way to communicate your news in a creative and effective manner. This can range from hosting press receptions and press parties to fashion shows and concerts to groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings.

Video Production Services

  • B-roll and Photography  
    Depending on the story, JKPR will work with producers, camera crews, and photographers to shoot b-roll (background footage used by TV news stations) and still photography used by the print media. The b-roll and photography will be distributed to TV stations, newspapers and magazines to accompany a story or if the reporters are unable to attend an event. We will also distribute the video package to YouTube or other video websites as appropriate.
  • VNR and RNR  
    Similar to a press release, a video news release (VNR) and radio news release (RNR) help to create a story for the broadcast news media by translating written words and ideas into video or audio. JKPR works with a team of editors and producers to develop video and audio packages for the electronic news media and distributes them to news organizations throughout the country. We are also on the cutting-edge of developing and distributing news packages to mobile devices.
  • Satellite Distribution  
    Satellite dissemination of b-roll or a VNR can distribute your message to a wide audience or targeted markets across the country. JKPR’s directors and producers will work with your company to shoot and edit the video package and distribute via satellite. We will also develop broadcast specific press material and pitch the story to the appropriate TV news stations.
  • SMT and RMT  
    Unlike a traditional media tour, a satellite media tour (SMT) or radio media tour (RMT) allows your company to communicate its message to TV or radio stations throughout the country at one sitting. JKPR will organize a sequence of one-on-one interviews for your spokesperson with TV news or radio stations in markets around the U.S. We will conduct them from a local studio through a satellite uplink for the TV news programs or through the telephone for radio shows. SMTs and RMTs can be very affective when targeting a broad audience.

Crisis Management

  • Crisis Communications  
    The unexpected is always possible and should be anticipated. It is important to have a crisis protocol and action plan in place because counsel on what to say in times of crisis can make a difference in controlling or managing an issue. JKPR can develop a crisis plan and provide counsel during times of need.

Government Relations

  • Government Affairs  

    Government relations, public affairs and advocacy on behalf of clients are important tactics when influencing public policy and opinion. While JKPR does not specialize in government affairs, it works with an affiliate based in Washington D.C. to service clients locally and nationally.

    We combine the influence of public affairs, the power of government relations, and the insights of business strategic planning, backed by the public policy expertise of a think tank. The team has served at senior levels in the White House, Congress, Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, national security agencies, federal departments, state and local governments and international organizations.


  • Client Reports  
    Reports are important to determine the success of a PR program or initiative. JKPR will work with you to develop a report that supports the needs of your organization and its constituents. Whether it is a quantitative and qualitative analysis of news coverage, key message tracking and effectiveness, advertising equivalencies based on story placement, simple media monitoring, or a combination of metrics, we will customize our reports based upon your requirements. We’ve learned that one size does not fit all.