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Media Preparation (Q&A)
It is important to be prepared when speaking with the news media. James Korenchen Public Relations will develop a question and answer document for use with the media. It is not to be distributed to the press. Rather, it should be used as a guideline during an interview. The Q&A will include suggested answers to questions that the media may ask and key messages to be communicated by your spokesperson.

Media Training and Interview Preparation
Communicating your company’s messages to the news media can be a challenge, especially with reporters who have their own agenda. James Korenchen Public Relations will help your spokespeople prepare for broadcast and print interviews, develop and deliver sound bites, convey key messages, present themselves on-camera, etc. Whether it’s The Wall Street Journal or the Albuquerque Journal, MSNBC or KOB-TV, we will train your executives to speak with reporters. This ranges from live in-studio interviews and taped TV news segments to one-on-one meetings with reporters and answering journalist’s questions at press conferences. Remember nothing is “off the record.”

Key Message Development
Similar to Q&As, key message development is important preparation for any interview. James Korenchen Public Relations will work with you to develop your company’s key messages and help your spokesperson deliver them in the context of a print or broadcast interview.

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